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Me (I don’t remember writing this)

Do you remember?
That something’s just feel so right, that nothing in the world could convince you it may not work out. When you’re so realistic about everything other than that one thing you’re completely optimistic about? Am I wrong to think that nothing about this is wrong? Nothing can go wrong, right?
You don’t know that you really mean the world to me.




Green Day
| Boulevard of broken dreams

Oasis | wonderwall

Travis | Writing to reach you

Aerosmith | Dream on

mash up.


Well, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever filled my ears with.


I missed this, I used to listen to this when I was super young with my brother~

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I’m tired of having half-assed friendships. If it wasn’t for school none of us would ever talk. I feel excluded 9 times out of 10. I hear about the plans because they talk about it beside me but I never get included in the plans. All I want is this “friendship” with those 3 to end but I don’t want to deal with the drama of leaving the “group” I’m forcing myself to wait it out until high school is done. This is insanely frustrating.


my friends wanted me to sing it, but i didn’t know the lyrics and i was drunk

Okay I usually don’t reblog shit like this but what the hell this is the best :’)

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